Shoot & Share Results: Sarah


Entering contests is always so emotional. Like every other artist I am confident in what I do but putting yourself up against every photographer in the world is slightly intimidating. I am always a little nervous but so happy when I see the results. This year’s contest for shoot and share was enormous. Over 413,000 images were submitted from nearly every country in the world. I am honored to say I placed in the top 100 for one photo and had 4 finalists this year, an additional 15 in the top 10%, 15 in the top 20, and 5 in the top 30%. Meaning out of the 48 images I submitted 40 of them placed in the top 30% or higher. Not too shabby considering the size of the competition. The contest is online blind voting and there were over 50 million unique votes. Thank you to everyone who supports me every year! I am so proud of what I do and thankful for the opportunities that we have to work with so many couples and families every year.

Horse and Bride Award Winning Photo

This photo of Shannon and a horse showing her teeth was in the top 100 photos in the “That Just Happened Category” Placing 27th out of 3,943 photos in the category.

Malibu Wedding Photographer

This stunning shot on the coast of California in Malibu placed in the top 4% of photos in the Styled Wedding Category (252/6998)

Flower girl with flower crown and dog

Ms. Adele and Winston the pup placed in the top 5% in The Wedding Party category (393/9135)

Llama and a bride and groom

This llama photo bomb placed in the top 10% of photos (398/3943)

Bride in floral swing

This stunning floral swing and gorgeous bride placed in the top 6% in the Styled Wedding Category (Placing 415/6998)

Bride with bright flowers at El Matador

This stunning shot of Lauren on the El Matador coast in California placed in the top 8% but was just shy of the top 500 finalist spot. Placing 513/6998.

Bride in the fall at the top of Vail Mountain Wedding Deck

This stunning bride on top of the mountain at Vail in the fall was also in the top 10% but missed the finalist spot as well placing 657/6998

Bride and Groom walking through orchard in palisade Colorado in the Fall

This shot from Darcy and Eric’s fall elopement in Palisade Colorado placed in the top 3% in the much more competitive category placing 1,023/36,983

Family photos in Breckenridge Colorado

This stylish family outside of Silverthorne placed in the top 4% of photos in the ‘Family Portraits’ category placing 1,022/26,963.

Star wedding photo at Ten Mile Station Breckenridge

Star photos are our favorite. This one from Jessica and Hayden’s Ten Mile Station wedding placed in the top 4% at 1254/36983

sunset bride at Sapphire Point elopement near Breckenridge

Allison at sunset for their intimate elopement at Sapphire Point near Breckenridge placed in the top 7% at 939/14265

Bride and Groom portrait at Beaver Creek Wedding

Nothing beats snowy winter weddings with stunning Brides and Grooms. This photo of Sarel and Pepe placed in the top 4% at 1303/36983 in ‘The Wedding Couples’ category.

Bride at Sapphire Point

Another stunning photo of Allison at her intimate elopement at Sapphire Point placed in the top 10 at 1,417/14,264 in ‘The Bride’ category.

Mountainside at Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding

Sunset at Spruce Mountain Ranch at Jennifer and Rick’s fall wedding placed in the top 6% at 2059/36983 in ‘The Wedding Couple’ category

Breckenridge Engagement Session at Sapphire Point

Alex and Jessi’s sunset session at Sapphire Point placed in the top 10% in the ‘Engagement & Couple’s Category’

Winter wedding in Beaver Creek Colorado

Sarel and Pepe’s bride and groom portraits placed in the top 10% in ‘The Wedding Couple’ category.

Fall wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur Colorado

Cassie and Jon’s Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding placed in the top 5% in ‘The Wedding Couple Category.

Winter Wedding in the aspens in Beaver Creek

Aspen trees in the winter are like a painting. Sarel and Pepe’s portrait took another top 10%

Snow falls on the courtyard at Spruce Mountain Winter Wedding

Sometimes you just have to embrace the elements. This end of the night photo from Cassie & Jon’s wedding placed in the top 9% in ‘The Wedding Couple’ Category.

Boettcher Mansion wedding Mom and Daughter getting ready

Moments like these make my job so worth it. Elisa and her mom placed in the top 16% in the ‘Emotion & Excitement’ category.

This wedding party on top of Keystone in the winter took the top 14% in ‘The Wedding Party’ category

Bride and Groom at Salida Wedding on Everette Ranch

Loved this tender portrait of Shannon and Cole which placed in the top 20%

Bride at Devils Thumb Ranch in the dandelions.

Field of yellow flowers. This photo of Mindi placed in the top 17%

Bride with leaf head crown gets ready at the lower ranch at Spruce mountain ranch

Elise was a Grecian Godess for her wedding and this getting ready photo placed in the top 14% in the ‘Getting Ready’ category.

Nothing quite beats fall brides at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. This stunning shot of Bridget placed in the top 12% in ‘The Bride’ Category

Engagement session in Breckenridge

This starburst light shot of Alex and Jessi placed in the top 20% in the ‘Engagement & Couples’ category.

Bride and Military (Marine) Groom at Black Canyon Inn Wedding

Michelle and Darien’s laughter was contagious and these two lovely people placed in the top 19% in ‘The Wedding Couple’ category.

Night portrait of wedding couple bride and groom at Timber Ridge in Keystone

We love night portraits and this one was one of our favorites from Kylie and TJ’s Wedding at Timber Ridge in Keystone placed in the top 18%

Copper Mountain Solitude Station Wedding couple

Rainy wedding days are sometimes a bummer, but not when you get stunning photos like this from Sarah and Matt’s Copper Mountain wedding. This image placing 17%

Snowy winter engagement session in Breckenridge Colorado

This photo I actually snapped during a family session in Breckenridge. It placed in the top 20% in the ‘Engagement & Couples’ category.

Bride and Groom at Sapphire Point Wedding

Who can argue with this one. Allison’s eyes in this shot tell all the story we need to know. This image placing in the top 20% in ‘The Wedding Couple’ category.

llama at a wedding

This guy has been commonly referred to at the studio as the hillbilly llama and he placed in the top 16% in the ‘Pets/Animals’ category.

Botanic Gardens First Look wedding

We love first looks and this is one reason why. Troy’s face when he say his bride was priceless. This photo placed in the top 15% in the ‘Emotions & Excitement’ category.

This stylized shoot never gets old. It was definitely out of my norm but I love it. This photo placed in the top 12% in the ‘Styled Wedding’ category

Bride with gray and black dress at JW Marriott Cherry Creek Denver

Another one from our edgy styled shoot at JW Marriott Cherry Creek placing in the top 30%

Black Canyon Inn Estes Park Wedding photo

This grove at Black Canyon Inn is one of our favorites and this image placed in the top 30%

Timber Ridge and Keystone Stube at Night wedding

This night portrait at Nichele and Ben’s wedding placed in the top 30% for ‘The Wedding Couple’

Breckenridge Engagement session

One more from Alex and Jessi’s engagement session placing in the top 30%

Twin Owls Steakhouse wedding

Love this moment from Michelle and Darien’s wedding that placed in the top 30% for ‘Emotions & Excitement’

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