Phillip + Gary | Chautauqua Elopement | Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

After Colorado ruled that a ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional I had a wave of peace and just started to cry. This topic always is rooted so deep in what I believe not only about gay marriage but the world. I grew up doing theatre and so, as the stereotype would have it about half of my male friends were gay and a decent amount of my female friends as well. I truly believe that our differences and hate are taught. I was never taught that same-sex couples love any different than a heterosexual couple and therefor my views on this subject have always been love is love. I stand for love period. I am so happy that our country is moving in a direction of less and less judgement and more and more equality and love for each other. We are all different. That is what makes us beautiful. How we love is all the same.

When I got a phone call for Phillip and Gary’s elopement back in October, I was so excited! This was to be my first same-sex wedding since the law took effect.  They are from Texas and were visiting friends and decided that since they were in Colorado they would make it official. I found myself tearing up behind my lens. This means so much to so many people. Something that I took for granted they were finally able to do. Reading the piece of paper that said marriage. All of it was magical and such sweet sweet people.

My favorite part may be the incorporation of Gary’s birth son and all the super heroes. It was beautiful to see all their relationships and how their family was made and will continue to be made.

Colorado is not yet 6 months into allowing gay marriage so I am looking forward to many more weddings, and someday I hope that people won’t even give it a second thought. Love is love after all.

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Venue: Chautauqua Park in Boulder

Officiant: Reverend Kim Tavendale




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