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What is your specialty and why do you love it?

 Privé Events is a Colorado-based company that specializes in floral design & event planning. We love creating events that are stress-free & enjoyable for our clients. We also really love helping the vision of our client’s event come to life! It’s a truly rewarding piece of what we do.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

Our favorite part about a wedding is the wedding day! We have worked tirelessly leading up to wedding day to line all of the details up. To see all of the pieces of the puzzle come together on wedding day is such a rewarding feeling! Our hearts fill with joy when the couples say their vows. 

How did you get into the wedding business?

Privé Events started in 2011. We have always loved planning events, whether it was birthday parties as a kid, a family vacation, or a friend’s baby shower. So, we created a wedding planning company that was designed around helping others create their dream wedding. We were later introduced to floral design & fell in love. We decided to become certified florists & offer our floral design work to our clients. 

What is your passion outside of your work? 

Our hearts are with our families, always. Family is everything to us, so we love spending time with them as much as we can! Outside of that, we love gardening, floral design & crafting! 

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Our team is incredibly quirky & fun. We love being goofy together & just having a good time, no matter what the situation is. Life is too short to be stressed out, so we all try to make the most out of our days!

Interested in learning more? Contact the team at Privé Events. They would love to help with all your wedding planning and floral needs.

Photo credit: Ashley Tiedgen Photography, DBK Photography, Sarah Roshan Wedding Photographers, Sarah Roshan Wedding Photographers

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