5 things to do first after your engagement – How to start wedding planning.

Are you newly engaged? Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and where to start?

Here are the five things you can do first to get started planning your dream wedding!

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1. Decide your guest list. Whether you are looking to elope or have a grand event deciding your guest list will help you determine the parameters of your venue as well as cost expectations in regards to guest count. Keep in mind that the biggest factor in your budget will be the overall guest count. The more guests the more the cost will be.

2. Decide your overall budget. Let’s face it, weddings cost money. What do you want to spend on your event? Do you have help from your family? It’s best to have these conversations upfront so you can have honest conversations and there are no misunderstandings.

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3. Decide on a location. There are amazing places in this world to have your celebration. What does your dream location look like? Explore all your options and write down everything. Right now there are no bad ideas. Sky is the limit and then narrow down. (Did we mention we travel around the world for events? hint hint 😉 and I am always happy to tell you some of my favorites)

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4. Determine your priorities. What is the purpose of your event? Is an epic adventure your priority? An amazing weekend in an exotic place? Amazing food experience? Photos? Determining what your priorities are for your event and what you want your event’s purpose to be is a great place to start.

5. Consider hiring a wedding planner. Did you know that a Wedding Planner can actually save you money? Yes, there is an investment in a planner but they can save you a ton of time and money. They handle your overall budget and know what things cost and where you can save money as well as the best value for your dollar. Need a recommendation? Feel free to message us. We have connections all over the world.

Taking the first step is key to getting started. If we can be any help along the way please feel free to reach out.



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