Meet  John...

I believe photography allows me to combine my two greatest passions: People and places.

I believe in traveling to as many places as possible. And that those places are best explored on foot. 

I believe my experience in PR helps me know how to connect with people and help them feel comfortable - especially when in front of a camera. 

I believe in quality over quantity.

I believe antiques should be cherished. My favorites to collect are fountain pens and film cameras.

I believe bananas are the worst fruit. (Who's with me?!)

I believe it's best to observe and listen rather than talk and be the center of attention.

I believe there is no place like home. For me, that's Colorado. 

I believe we should embrace being ourselves - not what others think we should be.

I believe the most rewarding photo to capture is a portrait of you in a scenic environment with interesting light.

FAQs about my partner photographers...

Why do you have partner photographers?

I found that over time I either wasn't available for all the inquiries I had or I was just out of budget for some clients. This allows me to provide a similar feel, still be involved with every couple that comes through our doors, but also provide you as a client an amazing experience that I wholeheartedly believe is the best carefree experience anywhere, even though you aren't working directly with me. 

Are your partner photographers experienced?

I tell our couples that I wouldn't have anyone photograph your wedding that I wouldn't trust to photograph my own. That is saying a lot because I am super picky about the images I have taken of myself. It also takes a lot of trust to send someone out to photograph a wedding under your company especially when that company is your name. My partner photographers have a similar style, demeanor, and customer service ethic and in a few cases have been photographing as long if not longer than me. I hand picked them just for you. 

Can we choose the partner photographer that is right for me?

Yes. I can let you know who is available or choose one of my partner photographers off the site and let me know that you are specifically interested in someone in particular. The person you choose is the person who will be at your wedding. 

Can we meet them before we book?

Of Course. We believe in connecting with our clients to make sure we are a good fit for one another. We are with you all day on your wedding day and we want to make sure that our personalities mesh. Once you have decided on who you would like to meet with we are happy to set up a consult via phone, skype or in person. 

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